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I was only 8 years old, but i’d been listening to The Beatles my entire life (still do), thanks eternally to my Dad. It was Monday Night and we were watching Monday Night Football, when this happenend…

I remember my Dad was devastated. The memory of the death of Elvis was still fresh in my mind from 3 years earlier, but being gunned down outside of one’s apartment was a world apart from dying on the toilet. Music was always around (still is), and i was familiar with the big names. I of course was too young to really process what it all meant, but i could feel it through my Dad.

John Lennon was far from a perfect human being. Stories of his shortcomings as a father, a friend and/or a husband can all be sought out, but that’s not really what his legacy is about.

He was an inspired musician (divinely?), who’s near perfect catalogue revealed his own weaknesses, as well as the world’s, but what’s really important, was his belief and hope that things could/would get better.

It’s exactly this reason, that he is still so beloved, and not just remembered

John Winston Ono Lennon
October 9th, 1940 – December 8th, 1980

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RIP Ronnie James…

Posted: May 17, 2010 in R.I.P.

When i was growing up it was all about the Metal! And nobody could bring the metal like Ronnie James Dio, who died yesterday after battling stomach cancer.

The Metal and I soon grew apart, but there are some artists that i’ve always kept tabs on and who’ve never lost their Rock-God status; Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Ozzy & of course, Dio. Back in the day, these guys were all over MTV (pre-hair bands), and Dio had some classics. Now, YouTube doesn’t have the original videos for some reason (Major Labels are stupid), but there are plenty of great live versions, so let’s get reacquainted, shall we?

What’s most fascinating about Dio is that he’s quite a little guy, yet possesses the voice of the Gods! Matched only by his polar opposite, Brudda IZ. Let’s check out another classic!

I’d heard that if you held Dio upside down, you’d see the Devil! A few years back i was walking down Melrose in Hollywood and lo and behold there was the Rock God himself! I promptly walked up to him, introduced myself, picked him up, flipped him over, yet saw nothing! Dio just kept shouting, “The Logo you idiot! The Logo!”

Rest In Peace, Ronnie James Dio