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It’s Fall 1997. The band that i’d spent the last year with split suddenly as the singer did what singers do, which is flake out and leave town. I was playing with another friend of mine, but that wasn’t feeling right to me musically, so I had to let him down and flake out on him. Add to that a floundering relationship with my girlfriend, and you begin to understand the state i was in when i stumbled across an ad for a drummer in The Rocket (R.I.P.).

I didn’t know what i wanted to play, or if i even wanted to continue playing my drums at all, but I liked the ad so i thought i’d give it a try. It caught my eye specifically because it DID NOT list the usual trendy influences. It merely said something to the effect of ‘looking for drummer with open mind, no hangups and experimentally inclined’, so i gave them a ring…

I went to meet up and jam with these guys and though i didn’t hit it off musically right away, there was something about these 3 that i liked a lot. I decided that i would keep coming over to play as long as they kept asking me to…

It’s hard to remember when social media did not play a huge part in a band’s life, but these were those days. There was no Facebook, we had flyers and made phone calls. There was no MySpace, we made tapes and 7″ vinyl and handed them out. There was no YouTube, we had public access television, so we made a movie!



Party 934


Ok, so yesterday i was hating on Nick Cave, but today is a new day and i’ve just read some exciting news! Now, i’m not a huge movie buff or anything, but one film i used to love was “The Crow“, and while i usually loathe remakes of already good films, today’s news has me singing a different tune, as Nick Cave has been tapped to pen this one.

For those of us who may not know it, Mr. Cave is regarded as the screenwriting talent for the future, and while i’ve not actually seen anything to his film credit (I’m afraid to, as I love his music and am familiar with the darkness his mind is capable of), the buzz is on!

“The Crow” may be better known as the film Brandon Lee was filming when he was accidentally shot dead on set. While the irony is almost unbearable, it is still a great movie with an even better soundtrack. If you’re familiar with either, then you’ll understand that this will be no exiguous & nitid affair, and I cannot think of anyone more capable of handling it. Maybe we can get Christopher Nolan to direct, or would that be too ironic for it’s own good?

Here’s the trailer for the original…

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