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1. The Stone Roses – “This Is The One”

2. The Smiths – “Back To The Old House”

3. Marty Willson-Piper – “Wondering”
***No Video, but check his Website HERE!

4. Cast – “Magic Hour”

5. Badly Drawn Boy – “What Tomorrow Brings”

6. Boards Of Canada – “Dayvan Cowboy”

7. Beck – “Lost Cause”

8. Echo & The Bunnymen – “It’s All Over Now”

9. Doves – “Winter Hill”

10. Eels – “In My Younger Days”

11. Bjork – “Hunter”

12. Bryan Ferry – “Song To The Siren”

13. Morrissey – “He Know I’d Love To See Him”

14. Duran Duran – “Palomino”

ToeZoo loves you!


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