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1. The Chameleons – “Mad Jack”

2. Love & Rockets – “Dog End Of A Day Gone By”

3. Siouxsie & The Banshees – “Christine”

4. And Also The Trees – “Twilights Pool”

5. Cocteau Twins – “Caroline’s Fingers”

6. Peter Murphy – “I Spit Roses”

7. The Church – “Tantalized”

8. Echo & The Bunnymen – “The Puppet”

9. The Smiths – “What She Said”

10. The Cure – “The Funeral Party”

11. Killing Joke – “Money Is Not Our God”

12. Duran Duran – “To The Shore”

13. Roxy Music – “Ladytron”

14. Lou Reed – “Goodnight Ladies”

ToeZoo still loves you!


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