Today’s Dose, Happy Version: Duran Duran

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Commentary, The Dose, What's New

Duran Duran have long been one of my favorite bands, and i’ve taken a lot of stick for it. Do i give a shit? What do you think?
Admittedly, their catalogue is hit and miss from about ’82’s ‘Rio‘ album, but when they hit, they really hit.

Which brings me to their new album (out December 21st), and their new single “All You Need Is Now”, released through iTunes for FREE today!

Maybe it’s just a lovely early Christmas present, or maybe it’s a shameless link with the anniversary of a tragedy, but hey, Free is Free.

The new songs were co-produced with the uber-hyp (misspelling intentional) Mark Ronson, but he seems to be making the boys do things that they seemed to have previously forgotten; like playing their instruments, instead of copy/pasting bits and pieces with ProTools. They are touting this new record as an imaginary followup to their biggest and best album, the aforementioned ‘Rio’, which is not really honest if you ask me. First of all, from the snippets that i’ve heard, it sounds like a followup to their lesser known, but great ‘Big Thing‘ album. But who, besides us fans, has heard of that one? Even jocks had ‘Rio’.

However, what’s bugging me the most about what i’ve heard, is that it indeed does sound very 80’s, but not like Duran Duran in the 80’s. It just carries that sound, without the real DD trademarks, but i’ll wait to hear the entire record before i make that judgement. Besides, i’m always happy to hear new Duran Duran music. The point of this band is to show you a good time for as long as you feel like listening. As Simon once famously said, they want to be “the band to dance to when the bomb drops”, which sounds even scarrier these days…

ToeZoo loves You…AND Duran Duran

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