…this is usually a music blog, and i’m going to talk about music a bit at the end, but i really just wanted to write down some of my current favorite things today. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get some gift ideas for that special someone…

First, let me just tell you how much i am enjoying Bridgeport’s Ebenezer Ale! Now, i’m not a beer connoisseur, but i know what i like, and me like 🙂 I’m not saying that it’ll cure what ails ya, but i did wake up in a fantastic mood after a night of many Ebenezers…

Perhaps i was visited by 3 spirits whilst a slumbering, or perhaps the pillows were laid just right, but whatever it was, i’ll attribute it to the Ebenezer Ale. If you want a better description of what awaits the palette, well that’s not my forte, so i’ll freely borrow from another blogger on the subject

“Bridgeport Ebenezer Ale is a tasty winter warmer with a slightly murky brown color, a light head formation, and a sweet, very malty nose. The palate is rich and complex, very yeasty, a tad musty, buttery, with hints of cinnamon toast and an almost Ringwood yeast like character. The finish is dry and balanced with a touch of hops. Alcohol is slightly elevated at 6.4% by volume, multiple roasted malts are used.”

Second, is the book i’m reading titled “Sonic Boom” by author Peter Blecha, and it’s a history of Pacific Northwest rock, r&b and soul. A rich history indeed, it starts from about 1955 and goes right up to today’s current scene (i’m only up to 1960).

Now, this may only appeal to the super music fan. If you were into Grunge, well, there’s a lot of bridges to cross before we get to Aberdeen. But what i love about it is how Peter Blecha paints a picture of the times, the kids and most appealingly, the venues of the time. I’m enjoying this book for the same reason i’d enjoy “Seattle, Then & Now“. I live here and know the surrounding areas pretty well, so it’s lovely to imagine what it was like, while staring at these sad strip malls that once were thriving venues.

If this book was about Boston or Austin, then i don’t think i’d give a damn, but because it all happened in my front and backyard, i find it thrilling. You might too…

Third, the new TBS show Glory Daze! It’s a comedy about college freshmen in 1986, which puts them at just a few years older than I, and it’s full of great characters and great music (as well as some shit music). It would’ve been easy to kitsch this show out, and make it all goofy and day-glo, but i’m sorry to disappoint today’s teens by telling you, nobody really wore any of that shit (unless you were some daft MTV VJ). It’s fairly spot-on with it’s cultural references without being Encyclopedic about it.

It boils down to this; it’s a great 80’s teen movie, but as a TV show. All the fun is there, and if that weren’t enough, did i mention that Tim Meadows is in it? He’s reason enough to check it out!

Lastly, i just finished reading the great Keith Richards self-penned biography “Life“. I cannot recommend this book enough to even the slightest Stones fan. It’s everything I had hoped it would be and more. Keef is telling it like it is (from his POV), and it’s fairly fascinating from beginning to end.

So, like i always do after reading about music, i start listening to what i was reading about. In 2002 i made a mix-tape (CD) for myself containing all of the Keef sung Stones songs from most of their albums.

It ended up being my absolute favorite Rolling Stones album! No disrespect to Mick, who is a God, but it was a new way to hear them after 30 years of the standard Mick sung stuff.

Here’s the tracklist, in case you want to hear what i’m talking about:

Little T&A
You Don’t Have To Mean It
You Got The Silver
Sleep Tonight
Thief In The Night
How Can I Stop
The Worst
All About You
Comin’ Down Again
Wanna Hold You
Too Rude
Before They Make Me Run
Slipping Away
Thru & Thru

Connection should’ve made it too, but i ran out of space on the disc 🙂

Go check this stuff out now!

ToeZoo loves You!


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