Stumbled across a great live DVD of U2 from 2006! Only realized after ordering it that it was a bootleg… Oh well, i would’ve bought it anyway! This is from the tour in support of 2004’s “How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb“. Not my favorite album by any stretch of the imagination. I also saw this tour here in Seattle at Key Arena, and i had an awful time. I’ve been going to U2 shows since 1987 and they have all been either good or GREAT, but this one felt contrived, choreographed and pandering. I realize that the haters have been saying that about U2 for decades now, but in the case of this one show, it was true…

However, i still love these guys, and the majesty that is their most recent album “No Line On The Horizon” has softened my position on their post-90’s output.

So, back to this bootleg DVD. Apparently it was recorded and aired for television in Argentina, so the quality is quite good though it is standard def.

All the usual fare is present, but i thought i’d pick out 4 tracks that are especially delightful for the non-jukebox U2 fans!

Let’s start with one of the greatest U2 songs most people have never heard! It originally came out on the genius “Zooropa” album, then made another appearance on the soundtrack for the Wim Wenders/Bono-scripted film “Million Dollar Hotel“. I’d not realized they had ever played this live, so this song alone would’ve convinced me to shell out for this DVD! Here’s “The First Time”…

Another brilliant track from the ‘lesser known’ column is “Miss Sarajevo”, a song inspired by a beauty pageant that was held in the midst of war-torn Sarajevo, Bosnia! Pavarotti originally sang the Operatic bit, but Bono does it here, quite convincingly i might add…

This next song is especially poignant, as it was inspired by the Madres de Plaza de Mayo, whose children had been forcibly disappeared by the Argentinean and Chilean governments. Originally the last track on “The Joshua Tree“, it is often performed live on South American tours. Here’s the haunting “Mothers Of The Disappeared”, which The Edge on ukulele…

Last, one of my all-time favorite songs by anybody, ever. Originally released as part of the “Rattle & Hum” film/CD/near fiasco, I fear enough attention isn’t paid to this brilliant track. Even the band would relegate it to a medley throughout the 90’s! They finally figured out that the fans want the whole shebang, soaring guitar solo and all… Here is “All I Want Is You”!

ToeZoo loves you… and U2

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