Badly Drawn Boy: It’s What I’m Thinking

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Album Reviews
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Recently i’ve been thinking a lot about the past. I try hard to live in the present, with an eye to the future, but the past is the past and it haunts… Lucky for me, Badly Drawn Boy has a new record, and i have a soundtrack for my thoughts!

I was fortunate enough to get an advance of “It’s What I’m Thinking, Part 1: Photographing Snowflakes” a few weeks back, and it hasn’t left my playlist since.

That’s saying something. Most stuff lasts only a couple of days before i’m on to something else, but this, this is different.

I first heard Badly Drawn Boy (basically the moniker for Damon Gough) back in 2000 when i happened to catch a glimpse of the video for “Once Around The Block”, a song that contains one of the best and sweetest melodies i’ve ever heard. I loved it and ran out to buy the record, which i loved less…

In the ensuing years, I’ve always checked out whatever he has put out, but most of it has been mediocre at best I’m afraid. That’s all changed, however, as he has at the very least made one of the best for 2010. Lyrically, it’s his usual fare of nostalgia and longing, backed with some of his best musical ideas in a decade! Reverb is the key element here, but not as a mask; used the right way to evoke emotion. Just have a listen…

If you didn’t like that, then go away.
I’m sure there’s a new ironic indie something out there for you…

If you did, then go out and get this record! It’s full of magical and evocative tunes like this! Like all good records (a rare idea these days) every song is different from the next, while still managing to be part of the overall portrait.

ToeZoo Loves You…

  1. Sherreen says:

    I actually loved them both……and I love the way you write! Awesome!

  2. […] What I’m Thinking” I already blogged about this record earlier this year (HERE), so i’ll keep it brief. i was listening to this earlier today and it’s still very […]

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