In case you haven’t heard, British talent show phenom Susan Boyle was reduced to tears by Lou Reed yesterday. Now, i’ve nothing against Ms. Boyle and i’m sorry she had her feelings hurt, but THANK GOD Lou Reed refused to let her sing Perfect Day!

Not enough artists are standing up to this corporate music biz shite for fear of some kind of retribution, but sweet Lou is above all that and always has been. She flew all the way to L.A. to perform “Perfect Day” on America’s Got Talent, only to be told Lou was not cool with it! Then she promptly got back on a plane to the UK! WTF? No backup plan? Who really thought that Lou would be down with this anyway? I’ll tell you who, record industry execs! You know, the guys selling you your music who know absolutely nothing about music?

Let’s celebrate today with some classic Lou Reed! He’s the aforementioned song…

Here’s a much newer, but no less great one…

Lastly, one of my favorites! I just love the way he says “Tequila”…

Media Producer

  1. LOURDES says:

    2 different worlds, better not to mix up. He´s got the talent!

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