When i was 15 i picked up the cassette of The Secret Policeman’s 3rd Ball. I was a huge Duran Duran fan back then (still am) and i’d read in Rolling Stone about the boys performing at a charity concert for human rights and Amnesty International. Later that year, i was in the record store at the Boulevard Mall and stumbled across this tape! I would’ve bought it just for DD, but it also contained a couple of other favorites of mine, namely, Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel! Kate did “Running Up That Hill” with her buddy David Gilmour, while Peter did “Biko” with some of his friends, and this song of his has always been one of my faves! Nik Kershaw also had his 1 hit on there titled “Wouldn’t It Be Good?”

While browsing YouTube the other night, bored, watching the game, i stumbled across these performances! I had to dig out my tape, bought all those years ago and give it a listen, and i still only like those 4 songs, but what fantastic songs they remain!!!!

Here’s Kate Bush & David Gilmour doing “Running Up That Hill”. If it looks uber-80’s, that’s because it is, and thank goodness for that!

Kate, i love you! You still look good and if you’re ever in Seattle I would love to show you around! My wife says that’s cool 😉

Here’s Nik Kershaw with “Wouldn’t It Be Good?”, and this is still a cool song! If you haven’t seen the video for it, it’s here, but this version is pretty good too, except for the awful backup dancers…

Here’s the performance that attracted me in the first place. At the time, an acoustic version of this song was a revelation! I’d only ever heard the original or live versions of the same arrangement, but this was new for DD fans! And it was beautiful. Later i saw the Strange Behavior tour and they played it this way, but i’d heard it first here…

They seem so appreciative to be invited, didn’t they?

Last, it’s Peter Gabriel with some of his famous friend for a very serious song. Here’s Peter with Lou Reed, Jackson Browne & Youssou N’Dour, doing the moving “Biko”

I hate that that song had to be written, but I’m glad someone did…

BTW, i highly recommend renting or buying the DVDs. There were four in total (I think), and they cover the better part of 15 years worth of “Balls”. It’s not just about the music, it’s about the cause and the comedy. Monty Python plays a huge roll, as do other greats like French & Saunders and Emo Phillips (remember him?!). Enjoy.

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