I read on NME today that indie God Morrissey has selected his all-time favorite 13 albums for Friday The 13th! Since there are more than a couple i’ve not heard, I’ve decided to post some vids to visualtrack his picks, just to turn us all on…

Here is the list:
Jobriath – ‘Jobriath’

Jeff Buckley – ‘Grace’

The Smoking Popes – ‘Born To Quit’

Damien Dempsey – ‘Seize The Day’

Roxy Music – ‘For Your Pleasure’

The Velvet Underground – ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’

The Velvet Underground – ‘White Light/White Heat’

Sparks – ‘Kimono My House’

Iggy & The Stooges – ‘Raw Power’

Nico – ‘Chelsea Girl’

Patti Smith – ‘Horses’

Ramones – ‘Ramones’

New York Dolls – ‘New York Dolls’

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