Something That Means Something: KISS “Love Gun”

Posted: August 11, 2010 in ToeZoo's Classic Albums

Why?  Because this was my first ever record, that’s why.  I was 6 years old, and 6 year olds love Rock ‘N’ Roll Clowns, right?  Actually, i’d had no idea who they were till my sister Dora bought the KISS comic book.  I was all like, “who the fuck is this?”.  Well, i didn’t quite say that, but that was basically the sentiment.  I thought they were actual super heroes, and i made my Dad take me down to Odyssey Records to buy my first album.  The sleeve was alot for a little boy to take in, to say the least…

I studied every pixel of that sleeve, and it probably fucked me up for life! But i loved it and later my dad even bought me a velvet painting of the cover from the corner of some desert lot in Las Vegas! It wasn’t all about the cover however, the music was great (to my youthful ears) and i immediately became a member of the KISS Army, serving for the next 5 years. You can see/hear why…

Love Gun” would later also become the home for my “Rock & Roll Over” album, as the sleeve was lost somewhere in Overton; my dad and his friends were probably rolling joints on it, and it got “lost“…

This was perhaps an even better sleeve, but the music wasn’t as good (to my youthful ears), though this song is great…

I contend that if KISS hadn’t begun to court the ‘tweens’ of the day and broken up when members started to leave, they would be much more respected today. The music wasn’t great, but they have a few gems, and overall it’s far superior to some of the other garbage of the era. I mean, who doesn’t love 70’s Glam Rock? However, once Ace Frehley left, so did i! I mean, he was clearly the coolest member…

I grew up and out of dumb Rock N’ Roll, but KISS will always have a special place in my heart, even though, like Devo, they make me feel kind of dirty when i listen to them now…

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