MGMT ‘Congratulations’ Album Review

Posted: April 1, 2010 in Album Reviews

Let me start off by saying that i think this album is terrible. I hate to read negative album reviews, so i figured i would give others a heads-up before i proceed to back up my review…

When i first heard “Time To Pretend” I was so excited to hear a new young band coming across all balls and ambition, but with the actual tunes and imagination to back up that attitude. They sounded fresh and excited, and if i were 15 or 16 i would’ve worshiped at the MGMT alter. The tracks “Kids” and “Electric Feel” only further emphasized these feelings. MGMT sounded like a band being born and on the verge of discovering the world and all it’s promise…

Well, with this new record the boys seem to have decided that they didn’t like what the world offered and have retreated back to their bedrooms to hide. Everything about ‘Congratulations‘ screams derivation, from the artwork to the actual tunes (and i use that word lightly here).

This album comes across all Syd Barrett meets The Libertines without a single decent song on the record. Even the band themselves have already apologized for the lead off single… Though the video is a treat 🙂

Further down the tracklist we get “Siberian Breaks”, which is probably the most interesting track, and easily the most ambitious clocking in at just over 12 minutes. However, it sounds more like mid-70’s RUSH without the chops. Next comes “Brian Eno”, which being a huge ENO fan, i couldn’t wait to listen to. This may be the most disappointing track on the whole album. It’s a sad attempt to be clever put to a sad attempt to write a song, and i cannot tell if they’re paying tribute or taking the piss.

With all of that said, i loathe a band that repeats itself. I simply believe that MGMT can do much better, and i cannot wait to hear the next album! But this one will be forgotten…

If you want to lay on the couch, smoke a bowl and listen through headphones, this is the PERFECT album for you, this is all Head Music. Otherwise don’t bother with this one.



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