Tz’s Daily Dose: Judas Priest

Posted: February 17, 2010 in The Dose

So i found myself watching the Judas Priest ‘Behind The Music Remastered’ episode the other night, and it dawned on me that they may be the only Metal band worth listening to anymore. Back in the days of buying concert t-shirts from the local stoner at the arcade, Judas Priest were just one of the many on offer. However, all but they have fallen by the wayside, relegated to the bargain-bins, if you can even find a record store anymore…

Now, until the other night i wouldn’t have thought they’d have even survived my unpaid opinion, but while watching and listening, i realized that they have some fantastic songs! That’s the mistake most of the other dino-rockers made. Too much emphasis on flash and hairspray, not enough on the tunes. Though JP was one of the heaviest bands at the time, i suspect much of the catalog was actually written on acoustic guitar, though i can’t prove it…

Great song, but this was my jam back at the arcade…

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