Tz’s Daily Dose: Cheap Trick

Posted: January 5, 2010 in The Dose

When i was a kid, i could only get MTV at my Grandma’s house. The other cool thing about my Grandma’s house was my Uncle Ricky’s record collection. It was through that collection that my earliest tastes were developed; Journey, Parliament, Frampton, Pat Benatar, The Eagles & The Commodores were all early faves. But best of all, was Cheap Trick! One word; Budokan

So, fast forward a bit to the MTV days, and you get this next video. By this point Cheap Trick’s stock was falling, and this line-up contains that “other” bass player, however, this is actually my all-time favorite Cheap Trick song! So, here’s ‘If You Want My Love’ from the One on One album…

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I actually walked from my Grandma’s house to K-Mart to buy this record! Well, tape actually. Here’s another great song from that highly overlooked album, ‘She’s Tight’…

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Bonus Video!
Happy 2010!

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