Tz’s Daily Dose: Vampire Weekend

Posted: November 19, 2009 in The Dose

If you ask me, this band has done a disservice to themselves by choosing Vampire Weekend for a band name. It automatically brings to mind Goth teenagers in the mall, pouting and complaining about how they wanted the 32gb iPhone for Christmas rather than the 16gb version. Consequently, i paid them no attention until one morning on my way to work KEXP played a new song by Peter Garbriel, or so i thought. Turns out it was a cover of a Vampire Weekend song by Hot Chip with Peter Gabriel. Time to rethink my teen goth assumption. Lo and behold, i like them and i’m so looking forward to the new album “Contra“. Until then, enjoy their new video ‘Cousins’

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Hmmm…kinda reminds me of another video…

Buy It! Amazon or iTunes

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