Tz’s Daily Dose: “Straight To You”

Posted: November 4, 2009 in The Dose

I resisted the wonderful Nick Cave for years. I’m not sure why, but i guess i just wasn’t ready, the way one has to be ready to love Johnny Cash or even Bob Dylan. However, years ago I saw this next video on TV and thought to myself, “why do i not own everything this man has done?” That was remedied immediately, and i’ve come to realize that there is very little that this man puts his hand to that i do not like. I can even tolerate his duet with P.J. Harvey, but i won’t bore you with that nonsense. Here’s a classic Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds video, directed by none other than Anton Corbijn, ‘Straight To You’…

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Speaking of Johnny Cash, let’s listen/watch his version of one of my favorite Nick Cave/Mick Harvey songs. It’s funny the way an artist can take a song and completely change the perspective without changing the words. When i hear the Bad Seeds’ version, i’m convinced the storyteller did the crime, but when Johnny sings it, i think he may very well be innocent… Here’s ‘The Mercy Seat’

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Might as well compare the two, right? Here’s the Bad Seeds’ video…

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