Tz’s Daily Dose: The Clash

Posted: November 3, 2009 in The Dose

When i was a kid, Punk scared me. That’s what it was supposed to do, right? However, people are usually fascinated by that which they fear and i was no exception. The Sex Pistols never really scared me though, they just seemed at once dirty and hyper-colored. The Clash on the other hand, i was very frightened of. They looked and sounded like outlaws; a modern-day band of brothers that would lay waste to anyone that dared get in their way. Now that i’m older, i know how important and influential they are, yet, they still frighten me a bit and they are as cool as ever…

Here’s ‘Rock The Casbah’, which was the first thing i’d ever heard by The Clash. Now watch this video and tell me it wouldn’t scare a 10 year old…well…maybe these days it wouldn’t as the real world is much closer and much more frightening than 4 men with guitars…but it shouldn’t be…

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Sometimes on the Dose, one is not enough. So here’s my fave Clash song ‘Bankrobber’. R.I.P. Joe

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