Tz’s Daily Dose: Big Audio Dynamite

Posted: October 16, 2009 in The Dose

In September 1983, Mick Jones was fired from The Clash. You know what The Clash did next? They made another album, that nobody ever talks about, not even them. Mick Jones however, teamed up with renaissance man Don Letts and formed Big Audio Dynamite. The music sounds a bit dated these days, but at the time they were fusing hip-hop, punk, sampling & electronic music with actual songwriting (something that some bands forget about) and produced some stellar music. Here’s the original lineup playing ‘E=mc2’ live!

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The energy is infectious! After several line-up changes, Mick returned with a more mainstream style of music and dubbed it B.A.D. II. Though slightly more commercial, they still managed to churn out some fantastic & innovative material. Here’s the video for ‘Rush’, and you can hear how great the 90’s could have been had Grunge not forced innovated music back to the margins…

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