Tz’s Daily Dose: Agent Orange

Posted: October 6, 2009 in The Dose

I was a skater in the 80’s…for about 8 months, until one fateful day i totally ate it on some half-pipe that we climbed the wall to get at. I went up. I came down. Hard. On my knee. We had to climb back over the wall with the owner’s mom chasing us with a rolling pin! It hurt for the next 8 months! I promptly tossed the skateboard (a McGill) that i’d saved up so long for in the garbage and started playing my drums. I was a good drummer. I was NOT a good skater. However, the clothes and the music stayed with me for years to come, and today i’ve been reminiscing, so i thought i’d share my dose with you. Here’s ‘Bloodstains’, which was my introduction to Agent Orange and is still as fine a skate-punk song as you’re likely to find, AND it’s less than 2 minutes long!

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Here’s another by Agent Orange, and an epic one at that as it’s a bit longer at just over 2 minutes! Here’s ‘Everything Turns Grey’…

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