Tz’s Daily Dose: Daniel Lanois

Posted: September 30, 2009 in The Dose

Daniel Lanois is best know as the musician’s musician. He’s produced and collaborated with the likes of Brian Eno, U2, Aaron Neville, Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan & Peter Gabriel, to name just a few of the greats. However, recently i’ve discovered for myself the beauty of his solo work. If you are interested in how musicians make music, then his documentary “Here Is What Is” is a must see! Buy it from his site, and he’ll autograph it for you! Otherwise, run to your local movie store (that isn’t a chain) or just Netflix it! Here is a clip from the film, recording ‘Not Fighting Anymore’…

Buy It! Amazon or iTunes

Now i’m in the mood to hear some more, so here is ‘Shine‘ from his 2003 album of the same name…

Buy It! Amazon or iTunes

Media Producer
PlayNetwork, Inc.


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